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I was talking to a client the other day and she was a bit frustrated about the fact that she hasn’t lost much weight in a couple of weeks. She’s been following our plan, drinking plenty of water and training with us 3x each week so I asked her how her clothes were fitting.

Turns out she was back into last summer’s clothes as they weren’t tight any more.

I can see where her frustrations were though, I mean she’d lost inches – a full clothes size in fact and was back in last summer’s clothes all ready for her holiday, yet she didn’t weigh any less!

I’m guessing this might baffle you a bit too – I mean every time we talk about losing weight, that’s what we want to see. We’re kind of ‘brainwashed’ by the slimming clubs with their weekly ‘weigh-ins’ that the body should actually weigh less.

But as someone who wants to lose fat, tone up and look and feel better, it’s actually the last thing you should focus on. See, the only true measure of your body fat is how you look, how your clothes fit and what the tape measure says. The scales are still semi-important, but not the main measure of weight (fat) loss.

After all, most people’s reaction to the scales is all wrong…

Imagine this….

You step onto the scales naked, first thing in the morning (it’s the best time to get weighed btw.)

You see the result….

The scales show you weigh more than you thought / expected.

So it sends you into a bit of a panic, “OMG! I weigh more today because I ate loads yesterday, I know I’ll skip breakfast and lunch today, that’ll make up for it and I’ll lose the weight I put on yesterday”

You might even feel like giving up and making bad food choices “stuff it; I’ll just eat chocolate then!” Thing is, both of these will only cause further damage and keep you yo-yoing forever.

 ——— Top tip coming up ———

Don’t stress and get upset over the dial on the scales, use a tape measure as your main progress tracker – you’ll see the inches or centimetres dropping off you.

Just weigh yourself once a week and use it as a guide only, plus remember these important facts….

  • As you get healthier and fitter you’ll store more water. Take fat for example; it contains about 10% water. Whereas muscle is made up of about 75% water (source: Livestrong.com). Therefore by building a little muscle and burning fat you’re already increasing your body’s water content – which obviously comes with a weight.
  • If you don’t drink enough water, your body will actually store more water (1 litre of water weighs 1kg btw)
  • There are also lots of other factors that affect your weight such as hormones, medications, salt intake and even food in your stomach.

So as you drop body fat and build a little muscle you’ll store more water so you won’t necessarily see big changes on the scales – but you will see changes in how your clothes fit and the tape measure and how you look.

Which is the main goal right?

Till next time

Martin ‘off to ditch the scales’


PS – The girls on my FFS programme (Female Fitness & Strength) and the lads doing my Strength Club get the chance to have their body fat measured by skin-fold callipers – we measure 10 sites so its way more accurate and is a great way to plot progress

PPS – One of my FFS girls lost hardly any weight during her last course, but lost 2% of her body fat!






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