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Wouldn’t it be great if you could?

Imagine having a remote control to turn “off” the ‘fat storage switch’ in your body, just as simply as you can turn off the TV at the end of the evening.

Truth is, it is kind of possible.

Bare with me here as I explain the sciencey bit….

You’ll already have heard all about omega 3 fat yeah? Chances are you’re already taking an omega 3 supplement – maybe fish oil capsules or eating oily fish, like salmon, from time to time?

There is another essential fatty acid, very similar to omega 3 called omega 6

Omega 6 does have its benefits, but in excess it has its problems. One of which is it actually instructs the body to store fat 1. It instructs the body to ‘make’ bigger fat cells and to make more cells available for fat storage.

So while your body is being supplied with excess omega 6, the process will continue.

Problem is, the western diet is heavily biased towards omega 6 rather than omega 3

And excess omega 6 is a fundamental factor in the rise of obesity and we are eating way too much of it today!

Studies show that the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 should be less than 1:1, but today’s western diet is so heavily biased that it’s closer to a 15:1 ratio of omega 6 to 3 2 it’s even reported to be as high as 50:1 omega 6 to 3 (Source: Mecula.com)

Pretty scary stuff!

So why has this happened?

Simple – over the last decade or two our diet has changed to include too much vegetable oil, sun flower oil, soybean oil and foods containing corn oil.  It’s not just these though, there’s a higher amount of omega 6 in the food chain as farmers administer their livestock feeds that are high in omega 6 too, such as corn, meaning our meats and eggs now have higher omega 6 content.

And as a result our omega 6 intake has increased yet out omega 3 intake has either remained the same or even decreased.


——— Top tip coming up ———

What can we do?

If you want to increase your fat burning capabilities and ‘switch off’ fat storage, then you must increase your omega 3 intake and decrease your omega 6 intake.


That means cut out the vegetable oils, sunflower oils and products with corn oil. Opt for grass fed meat if it’s available and of course increase the amount of omega 3 you consume.

So more oily fish and consider taking an omega 3 supplement such as fish oil to turn off that fat storage switch3

Omega 3 has also been proven to lower body fat4 in fact, it’s been shown that supplementing with fish oil for only 6 weeks has a noticeable effect on body composition and lean muscle mass5

So take a closer look at the oils you’re using and lets switch that ‘fat storage’ switch off!


Till next time,

Martin (off to order my omega 3 fish oil)


PS – Supermarket bought omega 3 supplements are pretty rubbish quality so if you’d like to know the only Omega 3 supplements I recommend and use myself just drop me a message and I’ll send you the link. If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry – I also recommend a veggie omega 3 supplement too!






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