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Tracy's Story - How Tracy Lost weight with Results21
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I really want to share this story today, it’s Tracy’s story – if you’re looking for inspiration then it doesn’t get much better than from this lady!

Hi everyone my name is Tracy & I’m 41yrs old & I just wanted to share a bit of an insight to what I’ve done & what I’m planning to do……

I have battled a lot with my weight for many years going up & down & it got to the stage that I pleaded with my doctors, telling them I am trying but no sooner do I loose weight & it comes back I was eventually sent to the hospital for tests & the doctor I was faced with that day totally degraded me leaving feel like some lazy greedy person that did nothing but stuff my face all day, calling me a liar saying I MUST be eating more than i’m saying, I MUST be picking off my children’s plates, I MUST be eating cream cakes or biscuits when I have a cup of coffee, this was most definitely not the case but I was left feeling embarrassed & devastated thinking there was no hope & that I was destined to be FAT!

Anyway I’ve now reached January 2013 & I have now reached 15st & I said  NEED to do something I cant go on like this so i went back to my doctors & they gave me a nutrition plan & i joined the gym but for some reason I felt different more determined & a good feeling in my stomach something I’ve never had before….

We are now in May 2013 & I’d been going to the gym 4 times a week for a 2hrs each time, swimming twice a week as well as following the nutrition plan the doctors gave me & eating 1400 calories a day & iv EVENTUALLY lost 1 stone which wasn’t easy even thou i felt i worked really hard it was still loose some & put some on continually throughout the 5 month so I was on the verge of giving up yet again until just before my holiday I came across a lady (Vic Littler) on my Facebook who was doing a nutrition & fitness program called Results 21 with a guy call Martin Whitaker & her results looked amazing so I asked her about it & she told me it was a great plan & to get in touch with Martin which I did…….

I’m not going to lie I was VERY sceptical as i thought Vic seems to know Martin is she just bigging him up to help promote his business am I going to fall for yet another con & waste more money!

Anyway I still ended up messaging Martin & he explained what was involved clean eating & exercise (only 21mins) & the nutrition plan i had from the doctor was basically a lot of fat storing food. I was still not sure & asking what if it doesn’t work his response was I will give you free bootcamp’s & personal training session’s I said I’d rather have my money back but he said I GUARANTEE this will work!

So despite still feeling sceptical i still signed up for it…

I thought i will give it 5 days & if  I’ve lost nothing I wont continue but to my AMAZEMENT i was 5lb down this spurred me on to keep going and when I reached the 21 days I was down 13lb & 11inches! I was so happy I had a weeks s break still eating clean & then went straight back on the Results 21 loosing another 10lb & 10iches!

So I’m now down 3st 5lb & I’ve joined one Martins bootcamp’s which for me was a MASSIVE step as I have no confidence & always talk myself out of things but I did it on my own I walked through that door shaking feeling sick to my stomach & absolutely terrified BUT I LOVED it & we are now into Sept I have signed up for another one of Martins bootcamp’s (strength building).

Tracy jump

I have also signed up to do probably the biggest challenge ever for me which is Total Warrior in Aug 2014 which also got me to the idea why not do a fundraiser which i have done for the brain tumour charity this is personal to me as i lost my dad to this so i’m doing the fundraiser in his memory. I’ve also joined metafit with the lovely Bunny Whitehead who’s team I’m joining for Total Warrior along with Vic Littler & may other fabulous ladies. So I’m now training 6 days a week as well as adding in some running to get me ready for my challenge

inverted bodyweight row

I’m also very pleased to share with you that in last few days i no longer need to take my medication for high blood pressure or stomach tablets iv been on for over 8yr & was told i would be on them for the rest of my life & its all down to my clean eating, exercise, dedication & commitment something i never had so i’m proof it does work you CAN come off that dreaded medication you CAN loose weight you CAN get into shape & with it grows your confidence so don’t GIVE UP i found that motivation & inner strength & i feel like a new person….

I hope i can spur you on to find that motivation & inner strength i found i’m so proud of myself & excited for another challenge what ever that may be….. And I’ve also just signed up for Pretty Mudder Race For Life on my own which is on Sunday 9th yet another thing I’ve wanted to do but just didn’t!

I’ll finish here but will keep you updated with my training for Total Warrior, I’d just like to add as I say it a lot everyone should have Martin Whitaker in their life as he has helped me become the person I want to be………



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