How’s Tracy getting on?

Tracy's Story - How Tracy Lost weight with Results21
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Since I posted Tracy’s story last month I’ve had shed loads of people ask me how she’s getting on, is she still losing weight, did she complete the challenges she set herself?

So I figured it’s about time we asked Tracy for an update on her progress. Here goes…

“Hi its me again dropping in to give you an update since I last let you know how I was getting on..

Well I DID IT I completed the Pretty Muddy Race For Life 3k & on my own..I was so scared on the day panicking about not finishing or coming last wasn’t really sure if I was going to actually do it I was so scared but I took some deep breaths & said to myself come on sort yourself out you can do this & I did I loved every minute if it…

tracy pretty muddy start

So what did I go & do next I only signed up for The Newcastle Stampede 10k adventure run…. it was Martin that mentioned it to me I was oh im not ready for that…. but I watched a video & couldn’t stop thinking about it and I know if I didn’t enter & give it ago I would have been very disappointed so I signed up… Martin, Becky & Amani also signed up but we were in different sections so I also did this one on my own which is an achievement in itself for me as I never do anything without having someone with me….

tracy stampede


And yes I DID IT… I completed the Newcastle Stampede so that is another challenge under my belt this is a massive achievement for me I really can’t express how happy I am that I did this I’m no longer that girl saying I wish I had done that or I’d love to do something like that…

I smiled all the way round the course it was great fun & definitely recommend anyone giving it ago I even had ago at the 3 gladiators at the end… I will be doing it again next year!

tracy stempede run


I have also lost another 11lb so I’m now in my target zone which I thought impossible I really cant believe what I have achieved..

I want to do as many things as I can through out next year so I will keep you guys updated on my next achievements & hopefully reaching my target with my weight loss xx

Tracy results 21

I also cant believe how much stronger I’m getting at bootcamp & actually seeing some shape & definition on my body I really never thought possible I’m doing dead lifts, chin ups bench press etc..

I just hope my story reaches out to anyone who feels like I used to feel… getting out of bed was a choir to face the day ahead of me & I go on & on about what I’ve done & share pic’s etc I know some people will be getting bored with it but them people don’t understand what this means to me & how amazed I am to be actually doing this xx”


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