The Shocking Truth About Drinking Tap Water

Why I Don't Drink Tap Water
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Now it may come as a shock to you to find out that I don’t drink tap water! Yet I’m a fitness professional and instil into all my clients the importance of drinking water to not only improve their health but also to aid weight loss. In fact the average person should be looking to consume one litre of water for ever 50lbs of bodyweight! That’s right; if you weigh ten stone you should be consuming at least three litres of water every day!

OK, so you’ve just told me I’ve got to drink all this water – if I want better health and a better body but now you’re telling me NOT to drink tap water! What’s going on?

Quite simple really – do you really know what’s in tap water?

Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Here’s a list of just a few of the chemicals:

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Sodium silicofluoride

Don’t forget that once your water leaves the water treatment plant it travels through pipes, some of which may have been underground since Victorian times. It is almost impossible for the water not to become contaminated by something undesirable. How many of us still have lead pipes feeding into our houses? You can pretty much guarantee that if your house was built before about 1970 it’s probably still fed by a lead pipe at the very least from the water main in the street to your stop tap, so there’s every chance of heavy metal contamination.

Over 300 different man-made chemicals have now been detected in British tap water.  Water companies only test for around 20 of these chemicals.  These twenty chemicals are all present in varying amounts for example DDT, Simazine, Atrazine, and 3,4 Benz pyrene, (weed killers).

I can go on and on here, a recent study by Brunel University showed levels of benzotriazole and tolytriazole in UK tap water – these chemicals are found in dishwasher tablets and are used to make our cutlery shiny, yet are finding their way into our water supply.

Studies have also revealed that high levels of the female hormone estrogen contaminate water supplies as it returns to our waterways from the millions of women on the contraceptive pill or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and also from contamination from some industrial chemicals. As estrogen is not filtered out on a large scale anyone drinking water straight from the tap without a water filtration system is in essence consuming small quantities of the estrogen hormone!

One of the biggest issues currently being researched around the estrogen levels in tap water is it’s link to male fertility problems, it is thought the levels of estrogen found in tap water lead to testicular dysgenesis syndrome and fertility issues! The Environment Agency also recently revealed research showing large quantities of male fish in rivers and waterways are actually changing sex – all because of the high estrogen levels being found in water. High levels of estrogen in women can lead to fat storage around the butt and thighs too!

Next up comes fluoride.

Fluoride is added to around 10% of the UK’s water supply, its purpose is to help prevent dental decay, however the problem with adding fluoride to water in my opinion greatly out way the benefits .

The thyroid gland is particularly affected by fluoride exposure because its store of iodine is depleted. Lack of iodine depresses the thyroid’s metabolic and immune functions by shuting down production of thyroxine, the thyroid prohormone that controls metabolism resulting in hypothyroidism and lowered immunity.

The resulting hypothyroidism causes weight gain, cold intolerance, dry and prematurely aged skin, depression, constipation, hair loss, memory loss, irritability, increased cholesterol levels, heart disease and loss of libido. Pretty scary stuff yeh?

Isn’t it any wonder the fluoridation of water is banned in all other European countries? …just saying!

And finally…

Research by Birmingham University showed that the “chlorination” process that tap water goes through to kill germs and dangerous bacteria could be a problem for pregnant women.

Researchers found that chemicals formed during chlorination called trihalomethanes, or THM for short were found to affect pregnant women more and cause a higher incidence of three birth defects (hole-in-the-heart defect, cleft palate or anencephalus) very scary stuff!

All of the above reasons are the reasons why I drink bottled water rather than tap water!

Here’s something to think about….

When you were younger did you ever have a goldfish? Or perhaps your kids have had a goldfish? What was the first thing you did when your goldfish got sick? …change the water in the bowl perhaps?

But what was the water you put in the bowl in the first place, you know the water your goldfish got sick while swimming in? The fresh water from a stream where they evolved to live or tap water? Something to think about yeah?



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