The Importance Of A Food Diary

Food Diaries
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You might have heard the old saying ‘Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym’ and that’s pretty much true. You see 80% of your weight loss results come directly from your nutrition, what you put in your mouth directly correlates to what you see in the mirror. It’s therefore really important for anyone embarking on any form of weight loss or fat loss journey to monitor that nutrition carefully – that’s where food diaries come in!

I’m really passionate about getting really amazing results from my clients, whether that’s my Fitness Camp Academy clients, One-2-One clients or even clients that work with me on-line and the best way to help them is by monitoring  their nutrition via a food diary. It not only keeps you accountable but allows us as trainers to really focus in on your nutrition and help you to achieve your weight loss goals in record time.

So What Do I Do – How Do I Keep One?

It’s pretty simple, you can use a notepad, an Excel spreadsheet, Word Document or even just notes on your phone. All you need to do is to note down exactly what you ate and at what time. You should also note down what training you did and at what time too – this is to really help us trainers focus in on your precise needs. Your food diary should be honest and submitted to your trainer regularly – after all we don’t want to see you write what you want us to believe you ate, if you cheat on your food diary you’re only cheating yourself!

But I Already Know What To Eat And When?

If you’ve been following any kind of weight loss or fat loss nutrition plan for some time you may well have moved away from keeping the food diary you did every week for your first few weeks or even months. After all your nutrition plan has become a new way of life right? But how are your results coming on, are you still struggling with a little stubborn fat, or are you struggling a little with focus?

Again a food diary is a great way to overcome these issues. If it’s focus you’re struggling with, then the food diary will keep you accountable, if it’s stubborn fat then it’s even more useful to us trainers.

You see, people are very different in their genetic make-up and some foods will affect different people in different ways – even if they are foods that are allowed on your plan! Timing can also be very important of various nutrients, so by keeping that food diary we as trainers can really focus in and help you to pinpoint your nutrition with laser accuracy to give you as an individual the exact nutrition you need to get the maximum result!

So there you have it, are you struggling or do you need a little more focus? Then complete a food diary ove the next week and see what diference it can make!


P.S. If you’re a past or current client of mine you will already have been given a Food Diary template – if you’d like a further copy just drop me an email to and I’ll get one straight out to you!






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