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It’s one of my favourite programmes on TV

Lord Sugar’s pretty cool isn’t he? Successful, straight to the point, kinda what I aspire to!

Thinking back to the 3rd series, that’s got to be one of the best you know, the one with the contestant we all loved to hate – the outspoken Katie Hopkins. Now this lady’s been doing the rounds in the media once again, you must have seen the hype in one of the tabloids or on TV.

This week she “has blamed fat people for making her gain and attempt to lose over 3 stone for TV” [1] Over the last 3 months she’s consumed around 6,500 calories each day gaining around 3 and a half stone, just so she can ‘prove’ how easy it is for overweight people to shed the pounds!

Truth is, we all know that losing weight is about eating less,or should I say eating the right stuff and moving more so what she’s done is a little bit pointless right?

Given my experience working with 100s of clients undertaking body transformations, what she hasn’t bothered to take into account, is mindset.

See, you have to WANT to lose weight

You have to want to exercise and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

You have to want it MORE than you want your burger and large fries on a Friday night after you’ve been out on the town.

Overcoming the deeply ingrained ‘habits’ associated with food, developed over several years, is very different to just piling on the weight over 3 months  [2] then losing it again. That’s where the help and support of an experienced PT is essential – to help you to stay focused and guide you through the transformation. Kind of how I helped Tracy I guess.

Katie, on the other hand, seems to shrug this – wanting to do it alone. Truth is, over 3 months, those bad habits won’t be as tough to break!


——— Top tip coming up ———

Weight loss isn’t as easy as Katie makes out, there’s way more to consider than just eating less and moving more. Don’t be fooled by a documentary like this, seek out an experienced, supportive coach or trainer with a track record of helping people reach their goals without the need for any crazy shakes, pills or crash diets.

Not sure if I’ll be able to watch this documentary without screaming at the TV, but if you want to it airs on TLC Jan 15






[1] Source: The Independent, 1st September 2014

[2] Mozaffarian, D, et al., N Engl J M 2011; 364:2392-2404. Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain in Women and Men






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