1       Definitions

1.1   ‘Boot Camp’ means a 4 week fitness program consisting of a minimum of 3 exercise classes per week, a nutrition program and membership to OneTake Fitness & Nutrition membership resources, including membership forum and recipe database

1.2  ‘Fixed Term’ means 6 months

2       ‘One Off’ Membership

2.1   A One Off membership entitles OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member membership to one Boot Camp taking place on the dates, times and at the location specified at the time of registration. .

3       6 Month Membership

3.1   A 6 Month Membership entitles the OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member membership to each ‘Boot Camp’ which takes place during the term of the membership which is applicable to their class of membership (e.g.  Newcastle or Gateshead)

4       Refunds and Cancellation

4.1   Once purchased, memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

4.2   A 6 Month Membership cannot be cancelled during the Fixed Term

4.3   One expiry of the Fixed Term a 6 Month Membership will continue on a month by month basis until cancelled by giving one months notice in writing.

5       Health and Safety

5.1   The OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member shall notify their instructor if they suffer from any health conditions or injuries.

5.2          OneTake Fitness & Nutrition, Martin Whitaker or any of our trainers, instructors or associates shall not be liable for any loss or injury attributable to:
(i)the fault of a OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member;
(ii) a third party unconnected with the provision of services provided by OneTake Fitness & Nutrition
(iii) events which neither OneTake Fitness & Nutrition nor their suppliers or agents could have foreseen or forestalled even if they had taken all reasonable care.

  1.     Money Back Guarantee

6.1  The 100% money back guarantee applies to ‘One Off’ ‘Boot Camp’ Memberships only.

6.2 To qualify the OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member must have attended every exercise class and provided their instructor with a completed food diary on a weekly basis.

6.3 If a OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member qualifies for the money back guarantee and is not satisfied with the results achieved they shall be entitled to a full refund of the membership fees paid by them.

  1. Intellectual Property

7.1    Any marketing, educational or other materials produced by OneTake Fitness & Nutrition and made available to OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Members will at all times remain the property of OneTake Fitness & Nutrition and will be subject to copyright. The OneTake Fitness & Nutrition Member undertakes not to copy publish or reproduce any such materials.