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Pole dance and Fitness
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The first thing people tend to notice when they walk into the studio are the shiny silver poles running between floor and ceiling – as you can probably imagine, the mention of ‘pole dance’ still raises a few eyebrows or sparks a few comments. The thing is, ‘pole dance’ has very quickly began to develop into ‘pole sport’, due to it’s athletic nature and gymnastic elements.

Emma Nicholson is a really good friend of mine, she’s a personal trainer and more importantly owner of NE33 Pole Dance & Fitness, so who better to explain more about it!

“A first impression for most people these days, men and women, is that a pole dance class consists of a group of girls prancing around a pole doing sexy style dancing in skimpy outfits.

As a ‘pole athlete’ myself I know how annoying this impression can be as in reality pole is a gymnastic sport that requires physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, and balance. There are still elements of dance involved so participants and instructors can be creative to distinguish themselves from others. If you are thinking about trying a pole class don’t be put off by this as pole classes are a lot of fun.

If you are a beginner you will first learn basic spins and moves which are enjoyable and build strength and condition if you wish to continue to the higher level moves that come later. Most pole schools offer classes that you can attend whether you just want a new way to exercise and lose weight whilst having fun, as a hobby or if you are looking to take it more seriously and train to competitive levels. There are national and international competitions already in place including Northern Pole Princess, Miss Pole Dance UK National Championships and World Pole Sports Championships. The categories usually include Amateur, Semi-pro student, semi-pro Instructor, Doubles amateur/semi-pro.


Emma performing at the Pole Princess Competition in 2012

Also Pole is not a sport only for girls with more and more men taking it up and competitions having categories for male competitors.

Pole classes and competitions used to be limited in age, however now pole is classed as a sport people of all ages are taking part. Some classes are run for juniors and there are people over 40 that attend classes. The categories for the next World Pole Sports Championships to be held in London this year on the July 2013 include a novice category for ages 10-14 and a masters category for 40+.

With organisations such as the International Pole Sports Federation who are a non-profit organisation ‘promoting athletic competition in pole sports and uniting pole athletes around the world. It’s aim is to make pole sports recognised as an official sport, make pole sports more prominent in the sports community and to get pole sports competitions in major global sporting events such as the World Games and the Olympics’ and the Pole Dance Community who have a syllabus of pole moves and tricks from beginner to advanced levels from which you can achieve gradings and instructor recognition it looks certain pole is set to become a worldwide recognised sport.

If you would like to take up pole you just have to be prepared to have lots of fun and put up with the occasional bruise or friction burn. After a few weeks you should notice a change body shape, tone and improvement in overall fitness.”

For latest class times check out Emma’s website or give her a call on 07866772924 to book a trial session and take the first step to a new fun, form of exercise!





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