Would you like it pink? Pink Chicken

Pink slime chicken - photo credit YouTube
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It’s a strange question but one I was asked the other day.

I was out for lunch with a bunch of friends; it was to celebrate one of my mates turning 30.

Anyway we went out to a pretty nice bar in Jesmond for lunch (ASLI if you’re from around here). Obviously I wanted to eat as healthily as I could so I opted for the Lamb skewers.

It’s so easy to eat healthily, when you’re out, it just takes a little thought.

But when the waitress took my order, she asked if “I’d like them pink?”

Not being a big lamb eater I wasn’t too sure what to say, I usually have my steaks medium rare, as it’s apparently the best way to eat them. But lamb? I’m not so sure, so I opted for “past pink”

I have to say, they were amazing.

But next time I’m definitely having them pink!

Anyway, this talk of pink reminded me of the ‘pink slime chicken’ photo that was doing the rounds a little while ago, you know, the one that alleged it was the chicken that went into McDonalds Chicken Mc Nuggets.

Google ‘pink slime chicken’ and you’ll see the one I mean!

It’s one of the reasons I avoid all fast food restaurants and processed meals like, chicken nuggets – do you really know what’s in them?

Or how that chicken became a nugget?

Chances are not and the lists of ingredients are frightening too, for example one of the ingredients Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate is a fire suppressant agent and the only one approved for use in Airport crash rescue sites! [1]

I don’t know about you but I really don’t fancy eating the same chemical in your chicken nuggets that they use to put out aeroplane fires!

Or what about  Mono-Calcium Phosphate, another ingredient which is used as a fertiliser? [2]


——— Top tip coming up ———

When eating out, step away from the processed foods and the fast food restaurants. Head over to a nice deli or a decent pub/restaurant and opt for something that resembles real food. Steak, lamb, chicken breasts etc.  It’s so easy to eat out healthily, you just need to spend a few extra minutes on the menu and ask yourself the question “what is in that”

Have a great weekend and if you’re eating out, take a few minutes to select a healthier option.



PS – The two ingredients I’ve listed are taken from the actual ingredients  list as viewed on McDonalds website 26th August 2014, not from internet hype. I’d add a link to it but strangely enough, you can’t link directly as it’s buried away and takes some finding!


[1] “Purple-K-Powder”. US Naval Research Laboratory. Retrieved 26 August 2014.

[2] Frazer, W. J. Agric. Food Chem.196715 (2), pp 345–347



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