He beat me again

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That’s right, he did it again!

Mo Farah that is.

Yes, I ran the Great North Run again on Sunday and was once again beaten by Mo …by just over 1 hour too!

Now I’m not a huge fan of running, I mean when it comes down to weight loss, it’s not a great form of exercise. In fact there are many more types of exercise that are waaay better for you if your goal is to tone up and lose weight.

But that’s not the topic of today’s post

You see, I want to talk about how sore I am. Yeah that’s right, my legs feel like lead and it’s a struggle to get up and down stairs, in and out of the car and even bend down to put my socks and shoes on! Getting up this morning to go to the toilet, well the 4 or 5 stairs I have to do down to reach the bathroom felt like Mt Everest, as I clung to the banister step by step

If you’ve started an exercise programme recently you’ll totally appreciate what I’m talking about!

Which is kind of the point of today’s email, you see I’d completely forgotten just how tough it is the next day for someone new to exercise, someone who joins one of my group programmes, does PT with me or even starts my online programme Results 21 for the first time.

I’d forgotten because my body has become ‘used’ to the kind of exercise I do so I’m not quite as sore, but when I did something different…

Like run a half-marathon,

I experience that same kind of muscle ache in the evening and the following day that new clients feel after their first session.

It’s been a great reminder to me, to help me appreciate once again just how it feels for a ‘new starter’ to exercise or a different type of exercise. Plus it’s also allowed me to practice what I preach in terms of recovery too.

So plenty of water and keep moving, 2 walks today and the stiffness has almost disappeared.

——— Top tip coming up ———

If you’re new to exercise, or perhaps recovering from a different type of exercise to what you’re used to, like the GNR for example then the best solution for that muscle stiffness and soreness is..

  • Keep moving
  • Drink plenty of water
  • And if you can, why not grab a massage to stimulate the blood flow and relive any tightness

Oh and if you want to know how I got on, my time was 2hrs 5 minutes, so a little quicker than last year – just not as quick as I’d have liked!

Speak soon,








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