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Coconut oil
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Coconut oil of course, what were you thinking?

One of the questions I get asked a lot from clients, “why is coconut oil so good for you?”

“I mean we shouldn’t be eating fat right?”


It’s a big myth that eating fat will make you fat. The truth is, its sugar that makes us fat and sick.

Of course I don’t want you rushing out and deep frying everything, because most fats especially the heavily processed vegetable and trans-fats are really bad for your health.

Thing is though, not all fats are created equally, there are a few fats which are actually very good for you, one in particular is awesome!

Coconut oil

Yes that’s right – believe it or not, this white stuff is probably the best fat on the planet!

It has hundreds of health benefits, from helping to kill sugar cravings to fighting type-2 diabetes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

But I guess the most important benefit, from my point of view anyway is

It can help you to lose fat!


——— Top Tip Coming Up ———

Consuming this fat will actually help you to LOSE fat.

It’s been proven time and time again; take the study published in the Journal of Nutrition(1) which shows that when people switch from using vegetable oils to coconut oil they lose excess body fat without even dieting.

The guys in the study just swapped out their usual fats for coconut oil and LOST up to 36lbs in a year – with NO other changes to their diet!

Impressive yeah?

What do I do with it?

  • Well I cook in it as much as possible
  • I put it in my smoothies
  • I even have it off the spoon too!

So swap out your vegetable oils and ‘fry lights’ for coconut oil and reap the benefits from this amazing fat!



PS – If you’re interested to know more about coconut oil, then check out this article I wrote a little while ago


PPS – You can pick up coconut oil in any big supermarket, Tesco seem to be the most switched on. Holland and Barratt are waaay too expensive but other health food shops aren’t too bad.




(1)  St-Onge, M.P., Jones, P.J.H. J. Nutr. 2002, 132(3): 329-332. Physiological effects of medium-chain triglycerides: potential agents in the prevention of obesity






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