If Coca Cola were honest

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Imagine if Coca Cola made an honest commercial

Well not just Coca Cola, any soft drinks manufacturer for that matter.

I’ve actually got an ‘honest’ advert to share with you, so bare with me a little

Kind of a pet hate of mine is when a client comes along to train with me at one of my small group or bootcamp sessions at my gym and they bring along a bottle of Lucozade Sport, or one of the other so called ‘Sports Drinks’.

See the thing is, they’re literally liquid sugar.

And we all know (hopefully) by now that its sugar that causes weight gain plus shed loads of other problems with your health.

It’s mass marketing that makes us ‘think’ we need to consume these drinks before and during exercise, when in reality they just make things worse – especially if you’re trying to lose weight and tone up.

Your body’s really clever, it stores enough glycogen (the stuff that’s burnt to produce energy) in your body for around 90 minutes of constant physical activity (depends of course on the individual and the activity).

So when you exercise, you’re using the glycogen that’s already in your muscles and stored in your liver from your meals leading up to the training session, not what you drink during it! That’s why runners and endurance athletes ‘carb load’.

Take the 10k run the other Sunday, I didn’t have a single sports drink or carbohydrate on the morning of the event.

I relied on the ‘fuel’ I’d taken in on Friday and Saturday.

You didn’t see a single professional runner with a sports drink, but shed loads of fun runners had ‘em.


——— Top Tip Coming Up ———

If you’re doing any kind of physical exercise and looking to tone up or lose weight, ditch the sugary sports drinks and eat correctly, that way you’ll have the correct ‘fuel’ for your training session or run etc.

One last thing, you might have heard about runners and endurance athletes ‘hitting the wall’ or ‘bonking’? That’s those 90 minutes of stored glycogen coming to an end – that’s the only time you should ever consider a sports energy type supplement during exercise.

Speak soon,

Martin ‘I’m off for another green tea’


Here’s that video I promised, it’s really worth watching!




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