I got drunk last weekend!

Getting back on the weight loss wagon after a night out
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It might come as a shock to hear it but I got drunk and fell off the wagon last weekend! Yeah that’s right, I’m not quite the super-human ‘machine’ you might think ….well not all of the time anyway!

Ok so truth is, it wasn’t quite “falling off the wagon” as such, it was a planned event, something I’d had in my diary for months now – a good friends 30th Birthday party, but even so it was a big shift from my normal routine. Those of you who know me really well will know that I don’t drink alcohol very often, this is probably the 4th or 5th time this year I’ve been out for a drink …my Newcastle Bootcamp team know what happened after the previous occasion!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the odd night out, it’s just I know how much it affects my results and what I’m trying to achieve so I choose not to. That said, when I do go out I do enjoy it and I do make the most of it!

Let’s do Shots!

Anyway, back to Saturday!

So I rocked up at Becky’s party to be met by some other friends, they’d spent the day at the races so were already a little drunk! Pretty much the first comment when I arrived was “let’s do shots” and at which point the tequila, salt and lime quickly appeared ….this was my first drink so you can imagine which way the night went from this point!

You can probably imagine, this blog post isn’t going to be a post about “the ‘best’ sort of alcoholic drink to have” to minimise the impact then!

In fact the first hour or so of my night was spent talking about my online training programme to a bunch of the guests ….strange I know with a drink in my hand and perhaps not making the best food choices! But Becky had recently completed my Results21 programme and was getting shed loads of compliments on how good she looked!

Here’s Becky’s photo’s  btw – pretty awesome yeah?!?

Becky - Results 21

….I must admit, it’s pretty cool having a walking advert, with guests asking me if I can help them!


So Saturday night drifted into Sunday morning, a few more (OK a lot more) drinks later, the party ended and it was off home for some sleep.

This is the thing, the big thing!

One night out won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal or one trip to the gym won’t make you lose that weight you want to shift! What does of cause is consistency!

If you’re constantly going out, drinking, eating poor food choices then yes you WILL gain body fat, yet if you consistently make good, clean food choices and exercise regularly then you WILL lose weight, LOSE body fat and you will be able to enjoy yourself from time to time.

But what’s just as important is you get back ‘on the wagon’ the day after, too many people ‘fall off the wagon’, whether planned (like my night out) or randomly, but then figure – well I ate shit last night or I drank so I NEED to eat crap to recover, or I’ve messed up my diet so I’ll start again on Monday – literally just get STRAIGHT back on it! It’s the best thing you can do!


Here’s what I did – getting ready to go out, I made sure I’d drunk my full water quota for the day and I was fully hydrated, you need to give you liver the best chance possible to deal with the onslaught it’ll face. I also ate clean all day leading up to my night out.

But most important was Sunday – yes I drunk a lot of water, both when I got home and when I woke up, but the most important thing was what I ate! …or what I didn’t eat!

I made sensible and clean food choices from when I got up! This is where most people go wrong and where one night out can have a big affect on your results.

I don’t know what it is but the morning after a night out all you want is a stodgy fried breakfast right? Something that’ll fill you up and ‘mop up the alcohol’ yeah?  So why not have that? …well kind of anyway!

Here’s what I had, I fried up a load of bacon in a some coconut oil in a griddle pan, scrambled some eggs, and sautéed a big handful of spinach in some organic butter!

OK, so it’s not your full English, but it was pretty damn good! ….there’s nothing wrong with a little toasted rye bread or a couple of wheat on gluten free sausages here too – what’s most important is getting back on it!

Once you get breakfast sorted the rest of the day is easy, steak and sweet potato chips with more spinach and tea was warmed up curry from earlier in the week.

Being a trainer, people do expect you to be super-human and have super powers that prevent you from drinking alcohol or eating bad food. When in reality I am human, I do enjoy these things from time to time, I just choose not to do it consistently and I get ‘straight back on it’ afterwards!

Till next time,




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