Help me congratulate Tracy

Help me Congratulate Tracy
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Help me to congratulate Tracy on her successes and her journey so far. From a 5 stone and 36″ weigh loss, to a qualified fitness instructor to having the confidence to join pole fitness sessions with Toxic Cherry….. here’s the next part of her story!

“Well as promised I thought I’d share with you all my next challenge/new chapter in my life.

Firstly I hit my target so that’s a massive 5st loss & 36 inches & I’m still amazed & one very happy lady, so my next challenge is I decided do a fitness instructor course.

When I was younger one of the things beside beauty & forensic’s was to be a fitness/dance instructor….

But became pregnant at a young age i also had a lot of issues to deal with due to a horrendous childhood of physical, sexual & mental abuse this is something I haven’t mentioned before but I know there will be many that has suffered like I have & I know longer see myself as that person I feel stronger & I’m not ashamed anymore….

So along came family, getting older & weight gain & eventually it became a distant memory & there’s no chance of it happening now..

One day Martin suggested to me a few month back about giving it ago I thought no way I wont be able to I’m to old now I’ve left it to late lol but the more I thought about it the more appealing the idea became so I spoke a bit more to Martin Whitaker about it & he reassured me a bit more & I thought what the hell look what iv achieved in 6 month with my weight loss & fitness something I thought never possible so why can’t I now achieve this….

Tracy at OneTake Fitness

So I did it & now I’m a qualified fitness instructor & plan on helping Martin out with some boot camps. I honestly hand on heart cant believe what I have achieved in a space of only 8 month so to anyone of you that has dreams on things they want to achieve yes it is possible you just need to take that step forward you can do this I know I certainly have don’t let issues like weight, fitness, confidence hold you back I did & now I’m wishing I’d done this so much sooner in my life,

I still need to work on my confidence but that to me is a working progress I’v even started doing some pole fitness classes with the fabulous Toxic Cherry so what next… my answer to that is anything is possible xx”



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