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I get a lot of messages from people saying they’re struggling to incorporate their new healthy diet in to their family mealtimes, particularly when they have children.

I hear comments such as ‘I don’t have time to cook two separate meals’ . Whereas I can offer suggestions, in this case I thought I’d ask someone who knows just how hard it is to accommodate everyone at meal times!

Clare is a really good friend of mine, she’s also a client plus we work together on a number of projects, such as this one. Clare provides the lifestyle coaching on some of my programmes so who better placed to help out!

Here’s Clare’s post….

I’m a working mother of a very lively 2 year old but still try to follow a clean healthy diet as much as possible.  I can honestly say that I follow the nutritional guidelines which Martin advocates, 80% of the time.  The other 20% of the time I enjoy fish finger sandwiches and ice cream with my daughter, the odd takeaway and a glass or 2 of wine or beer….etc.

It’s often hard work trying to get the balance right between running the house, going out to work, mum mode and me time etc, and I don’t always get it right!  I don’t have time to make 2 different meals everyday and thankfully the diet I choose to follow means I don’t have to.  You don’t have to either.

Clean healthy eating is quite simply a plan which encourages you to eat fresh, wholesome, non processed foods which are full of natural vitamins and minerals and generally free from sugar, bad fats and other artificial ingredients.  Doesn’t that sound like something you want your kids to part of?

If you’re sticking to the rules 100% of the time (or almost!), it’s probably because you want to get in to shape, lose weight, improve you’re health etc.  During this time you will need to add some extra ingredients for your kids and members of the family who maybe don’t need to lose any weight.  These slight changes are easy and don’t involve you cooking an entirely different meal.

For example, when cooking salmon with veggies just add a few potatoes or rice for the kids. If you’re cooking up poached eggs and spinach for breakfast, add a slice of wholemeal toast for the kids.  When making ratatouille, I often add chicken and then cook a little bit of pasta to go with it for my daughter.  My daughter loves steak so when I’m dishing up steak with spinach and asparagus for me, she has the same but sometimes I’ll add a few homemade potato wedges for her.  Kids love burgers so make your own!  Steak mince or turkey mince, a few herbs and grill or fry (in coconut oil!), dish them up with sweet potato fries and green veggies or heat some baked beans up for the kids.

In the winter months I cook lots of stews and casseroles which is perfect for the whole family.  I use lots of meat and hearty veg and make creamy mashed potato for my daughter or give her crusty bread with it.

Kids love to get involved with food so if you’ve got a fussy eater on your hands try to get them more involved.  Take this opportunity to introduce the kids to new foods, picking them from the supermarket or the farmshop shelves, chopping up the veg, stirring the food in the pan etc.  If they think they’ve played a part in creating their meal they’re more likely to eat it or at least to give it a go!

The secret is to fundamentally get the kids to eat the same as you, but with a few tweeks here and there to ensure they get the food they need and enjoy.  I certainly don’t ‘ban’ junk and I do allow my daughter her treats.  I don’t want my daughter to eat a gluten and wheat free diet and my life would be a nightmare if I dared to take her bedtime cup of milk from her!  However, I am very determined to ensure my daughter has the best start and is provided with healthy, nutritious food which the whole family enjoy.

I hope this has helped!



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