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Weight Loss Ward - Sunderland Royal Hospital
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Who remembers watching ‘Weight Loss Ward’ on TV a few weeks ago?

If you didn’t see it, it was a two part ITV documentary highlighting Sunderland Royal Hospital’s special obesity unit as one of the UK’s first dedicated weight loss wards after Wearside was dubbed one of the fattest places in the country!

If you did see it you’ll also remember one of the guys on there, I think his name was Terry. Anyway you’ll also remember his comment after being admitted to the unit and having put on weight by secretly eating despite being given a strict diet. His comment was something along the lines of “Ya nah a dinnar how am gettin fatter, it must be all that chicken ya given is!”

Statistics show that over 40% of adults living in Sunderland are overweight making it one of the fattest places in the country! In the documentary, the surgeon heading up the ward Peter Hall said something along the lines of “There is no medical problem that is causing people to be obese. The vast majority of people are obese because their calorie intake over time has not matched their calorie burn!” …No shit Sherlock! I’d never have thought of that!

Joking aside, Sunderland is my home City and having watched the documentary I decided I wanted to do something about it – not only because obesity is putting a huge strain on the NHS, but more so because weight problems have such a knock on affect to peoples health and well-being and I want to do whatever I can to help turn my home City from one of the fattest to one of the healthiest in the UK.

As you may or may not have heard, I’ve teamed up with Kevin McLernon winner of ITV1’s Biggest Loser to work together on his Weight Loss Champ 3 Steps to Success On-line training program, you can find out a little more about that here.

Kevin lost 12 stone 12 lbs in front of millions of TV viewers. He first appeared on TV at 32 stone 2 lbs, 24 weeks later he went on to lose 40% of his starting weight, with a final weigh in of 19 stone 4lb, that 12 stone 12lb loss is more stones and pounds than any other contestant ever in the UK. Living in Sunderland too, there’s no-one better placed to help make Wearside Healthy. Kevin said in a recent interview we did with local radio station 103.4 Sun FM

I know there are three steps to weight loss success. Get your mindset right, get your nutrition right and get your exercise right all in that order. So I would like to help you help yourself. I know as well as anyone the struggle of losing weight, I am still working every day on myself to achieve my weight loss and health goals but I have come such a long way towards them goals that I feel now is the time to start sharing my 3 steps to success, I hope you will join me in getting Wearside on the map as a fit and healthy place that it deserves to be.”

So we’ve launched a joint campaign, our Weight Loss Champ program and Sunderland’s most listened to radio station 103.4 Sun FM to help change Sunderland from being one of the fattest cities in the UK to being one of the fittest and healthiest, one person at a time!

We are giving away one-month’s membership to our on-line Weight Loss Champ – 3 Steps to Success program away for absolutely FREE, no catch, it’s yours for nothing, you just have to be in the Sun FM area. Just follow this link to Get Involved For FREE

We’re also planning some live events too – so keep your eyes out.


PS – Please could you do me a massive favour and share this blog post? We really do want to help as many people as possible and can only do that with your help sharing what we’re doing



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