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There’s a trend of weird exercise commercials on late night TV

You’ve probably seen some of them on the shopping channels that seem to be popping up all over Sky and cable TV.

I’ve never actually bought any but I’ve had them bought for me in the past – I guess it’s an easy buy for someone ‘in to fitness’

It goes without saying 95% of them are just plain rubbish and just a waste of your money

Take all of the weird ab contraptions and equipment that claim to get you a six pack in 6 weeks, truth is  sit-ups and crunches just don’t cut it.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, it takes around 22,000 crunches to lose just one pound. Unfortunately, not even Rocky Balboa has the time or motivation to do that!


——— Top Tip Coming Up ———

Instead of wasting money on some weird piece of exercise kit you’ve seen advertised on TV, save the money and put it towards a PT session with a really good PT who knows their stuff.

If they’re any good there advice and guidance will far out way any results you’ll get from buying equipment from TV shopping channels.

Ok here’s that video – it’s from Jimmy Kimmel Live – a late night TV talk show on the ABC network in the US. It’s pretty funny; just don’t watch if easily offended!

By the way, we don’t have any Shake weights or Tug Toner’s in our gym!








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