Dieting or Detoxing?

Dieting vs Detoxing? | Photography by Brian Jackson  /
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Dieting vs. Detoxing – what works best?

Well lets start by taking our typical person who’s looking to lose weight, they’ve probably got a little (or maybe a large) roll of fat around the waistline. Sounds familiar yeah?

Obviously this is down to a bad diet and poor food choices, we’re not going to go there today, instead we’re going to look at how you can get rid of it – for good! No rebound, no yo-yo dieting, gone for good!

OK, so the prime cause of this fat storage around the middle is down to your liver and the fact it’s overworked! Your liver is the organ in your body responsible for detoxification, amongst a great many other things but what happens when it becomes overloaded? Simples, our bodies become overloaded with toxins which start to accumulate in the body.

When the liver cannot process (detoxify) toxins fast enough because of overload, the toxins then have to be stored in the body to be dealt with later. Guess where it is stored? IN OUR FAT CELLS!

In order to lose this fat once and for all’ we have to get the liver functioning properly. To do this we firstly need to address what it is we are eating that is making the liver not function, this is where traditional diets and diet clubs fail – or should I say can fail? More on this later.

So where do these toxins come from in the first place?

From the foods we’ve previously eaten – highly processed foods such as cereals, microwavable meals, foods with lots of additives and sugars added to them and alcohol are the worst kind, along with caffeine from tea and coffee. They’re full of additives and nasties that put a big strain on your already overworked liver.

So what can I do about it?

Pretty simple really, detoxify your body.

Replace the foods mentioned above with vegetables, especially cruciferous such as the green leafy kind, meat, fish, fruits (any fruit with berry in the title are an excellent choice), nuts, eggs, and some complex carbs. Complex carbs should be in the form of brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa and gluten free oats. Plus drink plenty of water, aim to drink around 1 litre of bottled water for every 50lbs of body-weight.

Follow this simple plan for 14 days and you’ll be surprised at the outcome, trust me here!


So that’s detoxing, why do traditional diets not work?

Again it’s pretty simple, traditional diets can work, but only if done ‘correctly’ i.e. as part of a detox. You see the problem with traditional diets is you still continue to ‘feed‘ your body toxins. Too much emphasis is often given to saving up your points, sins or whatever so you can have what you want – the treats you eat on a daily basis, they’re still packed with toxins right?!? Or the ready-meals they sell you, again they’re processed and packed with toxins. The only reason these diet companies sell these is to make money, slimming clubs are a multi billion pound business and they’re out there to make money.

I’m not saying they don’t work – of cause they do, but how many times have you tried one, then the other, then tried again? Yes you lose weight but there’s that whole rebound of yo-yo dieting.

Check this video out….

So there you have it, detox your body rather than ‘diet’, you’ll get a far better result with no rebound – whether that’s by following a slimming club plan but eliminating the processed foods, sugar and alcohol etc. or by following one of my programmes.



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Photography by Brian Jackson  /


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