Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification
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I quite often hear …and even see on Facebook, people talking about how they worked hard in the gym or the Zumba class or whatever so they could reward themselves with maybe a slice of cake or a pizza – a  kind of reward or gratification for their hard work?!?

Now it doesn’t take a nutritional specialist to tell you that if looking and feeling great is your goal, this isn’t going to help – however today I’m going to mention something else, delaying gratitude.

I’ve known Pete Wilkinson for quite some time now, in fact I mentored with Pete last year. Pete’s not only a mentor and a coach but he’s also heavily involved in his fitness too. A couple of weeks ago Pete spoke at a networking meeting I attended about something called ‘delayed gratification’, or “putting off that good feeling for an even better feeling  further down the line” and I realised just how this could have a really positive affect on any fitness or weight loss goals.

Pete has very kindly written me a guest post to explain more…


Delaying Gratitude

You may have heard this term before “delaying gratitude” but what does it mean and how is it relevant to my health, my wealth or my business?

A while ago I decided to enter an Ironman Triathlon.  I had been doing “normal” triathlons for quite some time and enjoyed the training and the racing experience so I decided to go for the Ironman.  An Ironman is not a normal triathlon because of the distance covered and the time cut off.  You cover a 2.4 mile open water swim, a 112 mile brisk bike leg and that is followed immediately by a full 26.2 mile marathon, with a 17 hour cut off.

My structured training plan started on Monday 22nd April 2007.  Very quickly I realised that the training volume was considerable, I was training twice a day for 3-4 days a week.  It was vital that I built a real connection to the outcome of crossing the finish line and hearing “Pete Wilkinson, you are an Ironman” because at times I really struggled with doing 18 hours a week of hard physical training on top of a 45 hour week in my business and having 2 young daughters!

A technique that really helped with this was delayed gratification.  That is putting off the good feeling initially to experience a far better experience down the line, in my case 20 weeks later when I competed in the race.

I learned that sometimes we’re tempted to seek immediate gratification.  That could be staying in bed because we’re warm and comfy instead of getting up and training.  Or eating that junk snack because we’re hungry and we don’t want to make a healthy meal.  Or even doing a task in our jobs or business that is within our comfort zone rather than pushing the boundaries and becoming better.

When you start to practice delayed gratification you feel great and in control.  You’re starting on the journey of consciously deciding what you want your life and business to look like, and then taking the right action to make it happen.

So from today think about your actions.  Are you one of the many who do the easy stuff first and mostly think only in the near future?  Or are you going to be one of the few who delays gratification now in order to build a better body, bank balance or business?

You can get control and grow in all ways when you decide what you want, get real clarity and take the essential steps to make it all happen.  Stretch yourself, hold yourself accountable and develop the future you deserve!

Be Focused,



Pete Wilkinson is a Motivational and Key Note speaker, Coach, Mentor and Iron Man Triathlete. You can find out a lot more about Pete by visiting his website or download his FREE action book “How to be Focused”



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