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Have you been watching it?

So I’m quite happy to admit that when I’m not teaching or training my guilty pleasure is catching up with British Bake Off on iPlayer.

I’m only up to episode 3, which was all about bread. Now one of the first things any decent trainer will say to you when you start working with them is to ditch the bread!

However depending on your goals, not all bread is ‘devil’s spawn’!

Personally I don’t eat white or whole-wheat bread. Basically modern day wheat is the product of genetic manipulation and hybridisation that has created the high yielding ‘dwarf wheat’ that forms the majority of the wheat consumed today.

So what’s wrong with ‘dwarf wheat’?

Simple really, it contains high levels of a super-starchy carbohydrate called Amylopectin A which produces big light ‘fluffy’ breads

Here’s the downside, Amylopectin A has the same impact on your body as eating table sugar – yes, that’s right, eating two slices of bread has pretty much the same impact on your body as eating two tablespoons of sugar [1] [2] and that’s the same whether it’s white or whole wheat bread too!

Pretty frightening right?

So back to Bake Off

The contestants were asked to make a loaf of rye bread – because of the health benefits of it as an alternative to ordinary wheat bread. Now, unless I’m eating an ‘off plan’ meal, rye bread is the only bread I eat, even then it’s just occasionally too.

Thing is, there are a whole host of benefits to eating rye bread as an alternative to ‘normal’ wheat bread, the most fundamental being that it’s been proven to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes [3]. Which also makes it a far better choice for someone who has type 2 diabetes or an impaired glucose tolerance, especially as we’ve just  seen wheat bread can have the same affect on your body as eating table sugar!

—Top Tip Coming Up —

Give rye bread a try, personally I recommend you swap your ‘normal’ wheat bread for it – your waistline and your insulin sensitivity will both love you for it!

Oh and if you or someone you know are type 2 diabetic, then it’s even more beneficial! There’s a whole load more stuff I could share about this, but as this, but I’ll save that for another post

Till next time,




PS – If you’d like to know a little more about what I’ve discussed, there’s a great book available on Amazon, simple called ‘Wheat Belly’ check it out >>>HERE<<<




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