4 Tips to triple your weight loss results

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These probably aren’t what you expect either

I’ve had a few messages this week, asking for tips to speed up weight loss so thought I’d share them with you

(1) – Ditch the distractions

Turn off your mobile, put it in the other room, or leave it in your locker in the gym or pick a spot where you won’t be distracted with Facebook, text messages, emails and calls mobiles are probably the number one thing that will distract you while you’re training

In fact, I’ve got a couple of 1-2-1 PT clients who I make put their phone in the drawer in my gym when they train – that way they can’t be tempted to have a quick look during their rest periods!

And as a result, they work better and see better results!

(2) – Keep your workouts short

Too many people spend waaaay to long in the gym, I used to, before I became a trainer and learned better!

You should be able to do everything you need in 30 to 45 minutes, in fact, if you’re training for more than 60 minutes then chances are it’s going to be counter-productive!

Yeah, that’s right, more than 45 to 60 minutes exercise will send your results backwards! I’m not going to get sciency today but it’s down to the stress hormone cortisol, that’s produced when you exercise.

You can actually get a LOT done in as little as 15 minutes!

You just need a purpose and structured plan to follow, before you hit the gym or start exercising at home.

Plus, if you know you’re only going to be working out for a short time, it makes it easier to set everything else that’s going on in your life aside and just crack on with your training.

That’s how my Results21 programme delivers such great results – no more than 14 minutes of exercise at a time to deliver incredible results!

(3) – Crank up the music!

Music can have a HUGE impact on the quality of your workout. So get your favourite, high-energy tunes going before and during your training session – you’ll be amazed at the impact it has. My current favourites are anything by David Guetta

(4) – Workout at YOUR best time of day

When you are planning out your weekly / daily schedule, see if you can plan your workouts at your most productive time of day that way you can get the most out of them, plus you’ll look forward to training rather than find it a chore. Personally I like to train on a morning; it sets me up nicely for the day

To sum up – keep your workouts short, crank up the music and get rid of distractions, plus train at a time that works best for you!

Till next time


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